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Social Welfare Programme

Redeemed Gospel Church Inc. started way back in 1974 when Bishop Arthur Kitonga with a seven-man team of committed and dedicated Christians answered Godís call and took the courage to step forward to evangelize to the under-privileged in Mathare Valley. more


The social welfare programme (Redeemed Gospel Church Development Project - RGCDP) is an arm of the Redeemed Gospel Church that was initiated in 1975. the programme was started to meet the social needs of the people living in Mathare Valley.  more

RGCDP (Redeemed Gospel Church Development Programme)

We as a people and an RGC programme are called to serve the poor and marginalized community in the slums of Nairobi especially children, women and youth by addressing their needs in education, health, HIV/AIDS, unemployment and promotion of their rights and responsibilities.

We do this through a wholistic approach by:-

  • Facilitating access to education to the poor and marginalized people in the slums of Mathare, Korogocho and Huruma.

  • Facilitating access to affordable health care services.

  • Building the capacity of the community to manage problem such as HIV/AIDS by establishing Home Based Care, People Living With Aids and provision for basic needs of HIV/AIDS related orphans.

  • Rehabilitation of street children.

  • Vocation training

  • Promotion of Income Generating Activities

  • Promotion/sensitization on gender equality/issues.

For more on our projects click here

Feeding malnourished children in the slums is one the core activities carried out by our programme. We have helped thousands of children over the years and with the coming in of HIV/AIDS, the problem is worse. More needs to be done to reach the many starving children within and without Nairobi

  Redeemed Gospel Church Development Project  has just build a primary school in the heart of Mathare Valley to help improve literacy levels in the area. For more go to the projects section on this site.

We need your help

  The programme work of RGC is carried out with funds from sponsors within and outside the country.

 We need brotherly support in prayer and donations for expansion of our ministry. If the Lord touches you in any regard of the above mentioned, please send your donation to us. Click here

Watch Grace Hour Programme on Sayare TV every Friday 9.30 PM. We are reaching many through this programme. We need partners to continue airing this programme.  For more details E-mail Us

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